Things are, well…different.

We’ve been having a lot of trouble getting people to Sacrament Meeting
because of the mega-churches out here. They aren’t really even church.
They’re more like concerts with unoffensive, non-denominational
messages at the end. There’s really something to be said about the
reverence of Sacrament meeting. In order to receive the Spirit, you
have to prepare a place for Him to dwell.

Yesterday was interesting; I met a Hindu, a Sikh, a Buddhist, and a
Catholic, most of them from different countries, all on the same
street. There were some creepy folks there, too. I’m glad to have the
normalcy of most of the ward to offset the weirdness.

Anyway, there’s not much to say this week. Although we got our
eight-year-old investigator’s baptism set!

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