Contacts are the Pumkin Spice of Life

About half of this week was extremely productive. The other half was weird. A family we were teaching dropped us, so we had to remove them from our investigator list. That was a strange feeling. I hope they open up more in the future. We did find a couple of new people to fill the gap, though. There was also a referral who we contacted. She had requested a Book of Mormon on the web site late at night out of sheer curiosity, but she was very open to being taught! Luckily there’s a cool stay-at-home dad in the ward who was willing to come teach with us.

We were biking to that referral’s house when we passed the football field of a local high school. Their marching band was out practicing. That was a blast from the past. By the sound of it, they’re playing a Willy Wonka-themed show.

I bought some Pumpkin Spice Fudge Stripes, and they were quite good. I find a lot of the Halloween stuff to be rather garish, but at least we get seasonal cookie flavors!

I guess that’s about all for this week.

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