Monthly Archives: November 2015

Too cold for kilts!

Elder Holland is coming soon! We and the Atlanta mission get to go hear him speak. We’re all a little nervous that he’s just going to call all of us out on our bad missionary work. Anyway, it’s pretty exciting.
It just got really cold down here. Makes me wonder how Brother Beaton’s kilt shop does this time of year. Anyway, if you don’t have some layers underneath your wind/rain shell, as well as gloves, you’re in trouble.
The work has been pretty difficult of late. We’re short on serious investigators, but we’ll get there. Tracting starts to be even less effective this time of year because everyone thinks that it’s too late to answer the door when it’s dark, even though it gets dark at 5:00. Our last coordination meeting was about figuring out who to call as new ward missionaries. We’re ready to get some ward finding under way. That will be nice.
Have a good Thanksgiving.

The days feel like gyros

The days have been long since I got a new companion. Leading the area can be exhausting. We have definitely had an influx of appointments, though. We had a couple of fantastic lessons this week.
One of the other elders’ investigators agreed to be baptized after three months of teaching! Hopefully we’ll be getting a couple of baptisms under our own jurisdiction soon. We ran into a lady who has apparently been reading the Book of Mormon every day, and used to have a teacher who would study it with her. Kids, follow up on the potential investigators in your area books.
Another high point of the week was having a gyro at Pita Corner. I guess that’s about it…
Image result for gyroMmm!
Where’s Ethan?

Long-awaited, anticipated, unabated…transfer day!

Transfers are on Wednesday. For a while, my companion and I thought neither of us were moving because we didn’t get a call from the Assistants until later in the morning. Turns out I’m staying in place and getting a new companion. Hopefully that turns out all right.

Our teaching pool keeps expanding and shrinking lately. We find new investigators, then end up dropping them because they refuse to progress, or outright ignore us. Happily, we got one person sort of on date for baptism this week. We’ll have to solidify that as soon as possible.

There’s not really much else to say on this particular day. It’s weird to think I have so much time left on my mission when one of the zone leaders is going home this week. I guess I’ll be there one day…

Transfers and a Snuggie

We got a new ward mission leader this week. He’s getting ready to crack the whip on member missionary work. Day one, he was already talking about getting something like eight or nine more ward missionaries to add to the current two, and wants to organize them into different branches to handle different aspects of the Work. His hope (and ours) is to get the ward to do the majority of the finding so that we can set up as many appointments and help as many people to progress as possible. That said, we’ll still have to plan tracting times to fill up our calendar for the week per President’s orders, but if the ward can find us a lot of new investigators and set us up with less-actives, then we can be a lot more productive.

Happily, the investigators we thought were wanting to drop us actually weren’t. Apparently there was some kind of mix-up of words, and they just couldn’t meet with us on that particular day. I was on exchange while my companion taught them again after that, but it sounded like they got a lot of their more profound questions answered. My hope is that from now on, we can stick to the basics laid out in Preach My Gospel with them.

Transfers are coming up on the 11th. I’m a little anxious about it; I have a feeling I’ll probably stay here, but I’m very likely to get a new companion. Whatever happens will certainly shake things up.

For some reason all the elders in the zone insist upon meeting at some faraway building to play sports at the end of the transfer. I haven’t the slightest idea why, since most of them end up coming to our building on p-day anyway, and it can’t be a whole lot better at the annex. Perhaps the gym floor is more accommodating to basketball?

And now, for something completely different:
The YSA elders gave me an extra blanket they had in their apartment, so I no longer have to use the Superman Snuggie to stay warm at night. Thank heavens; I wake up frozen on some of the colder mornings.