Bike Tricks and Christmas Flicks

I took a pretty awesome spill off my bike recently. We were going
uphill, a bit too slowly for my taste, and I got a little too close to
my companion’s bike. My front wheel ground against his rear wheel, and
I lost control. I bailed out into the dry grass and did a graceful
somersault. I guess you could say it was practice for after the
mission when I’m shouting “AS YOU WISH!” when my true love pushes me
down a hill.

There’s going to be a baptism this week that we’re hoping to get some
investigators to. There’s also a nativity celebration coming up that
we’ve been handing out invitations to. A lot more people have accepted
those while we’re tracting than our actual message.

I made up a new term this week: I.S.S. – Internet Sophistry Syndrome.
We’ve met a LOT of people lately who refuse to hear our message
because they’ve “researched” the Church on the Internet. One guy
literally told us that he didn’t want us to come back because he had
looked us up on Wikipedia. Even on the more “credible” internet
resources, there are a lot of specious arguments. Anything can sound
true if spoken or written in an authoritative fashion. That’s why
reading anti-Mormon literature is stupid.

It’s stupid. There’s no way around it. Everything backs up to your
testimony of the Book of Mormon. If you have read it, and prayed, and
know that it is true, then you know that Joseph Smith was a prophet,
and therefore that the church that has been restored is the true
Church established by Jesus the Christ. From there, everything that
disagrees with your testimony is wrong.

Anyway, that’s what’s been on my mind lately. I’ve been trying to have
a better attitude lately. Being rude back to people never helps me not
to be rude. I’m glad Christmas is coming. The Church’s new videos are
awesome. If you haven’t seen them, you should check them out.

Happy December

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