The area just keeps on changing and changing. Things have gotten to
where we have a decently-sized teaching pool, but few who will act
upon the invitations we leave with them. Agency is vital to our
eternal destiny as children of God, but it can be frustrating at times
when investigators use their agency to turn down the message of the
restored gospel. All you can do is work hard and make sure you help
them to know what to do. Many times it’s not even that they don’t want
to hear the message; many times people just don’t muster the willpower
to follow through on their commitments. I think that may be a problem
in society at large, not only as it pertains to missionary work…

Other than that, things have been all right. My favorite part of each
morning is personal study. When Elder Holland came, he urged us to
make good use of this time, because it will likely be the only time
that we get to study the gospel this in-depth. I’m very grateful for
all the things I have learned so far. I know at they will stay with me
for the rest of my life.

Until next week.

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