Monthly Archives: January 2016

Good and Trying Times

Things always get weird before transfers. You’re always thinking to yourself, “This could be the last time I see these people.” Things have been pretty good, though. We’ve had lots of good experiences to go along with the trying ones. There is an older gentleman we’ve been teaching whom we left a Book of Mormon with a while back. Several times we went back, but did not get an answer at the door. Then we went back, and he finally answered. He remembered us well from the time before, and told us that he never doubted that the Book of Mormon was the word of God. He said it gives him a feeling of “purity,” and “renewal.” There is a special spirit that comes when an investigator shares their testimony.

We also got snow, which was okay, I guess.

In the Name of Love

Normally this would be the time of year that I would listen to a lot
of U2 “in the name of love,” but this year Martin Luther King Jr. Day
was spent proselyting. We didn’t get a whole lot of answers this time
round, but we had a couple of good lessons that were already scheduled
down. One mark of a promising investigator is the asking of questions,
and we got a lot of them. Sometimes those we teach have a lot of
challenges, and a lot of vices, but it’s exciting to see the gospel at
work in their lives, helping them change for the better.

We had a baptism last Saturday, which was awesome. The more I study
about baptism, the more it makes sense, and the more I see the reason
why we’re out here doing this work. It’s really gratifying to see
someone make the commitment that will bring them closer to their Heavenly Father.Ethan and comp baptism

Food, follow ups, and finances

It’s been a pretty good week. Lots of delicious meals. Things are progressing really well with our investigators. We’ve been doing better with following up and helping investigators with their commitments. Coming to church is a definite indicator of interest.

I think the importance of taking advantage of preparation days should not be underestimated. You really need the time to decompress for the week. Also, the mission can be a great opportunity to learn how to manage monthly finances. That sounds really nerdy, but I’m glad I get to mess up out here rather than at home.
Speaking of which, I should probably get over my blueberry bagel addiction…