Monthly Archives: February 2016

Second quarter!

My second area, though not far away from my first, is quite different.
The ward is a lot smaller, and the neighborhoods are a lot less dense.
It’s also somewhat flatter, which will be nice as well. We share a car
with the other elders, which will be passed around from week to week.

I’ve only had one person call me a greenie so far. I think once you
hit six months, you’re safe until around 18 months, when people start
saying, “Oh, you’re almost done, then!”

It’s been a lot of tracting so far, but you do what you can to
increase the teaching pool and bring souls to Christ.  Until next week…73 (1)

New area, new comp.


In the zone (next door)

Looks like the time has finally come to move on to my second area. I’m
not going far, but it’s definitely going to be a change. Different
perks, different challenges. Different zone, too, with different
missionaries. There are people I’m going to miss, but I think it will
be for the better. It can get really trying to work with the same
people all the time, and the change of missionaries can sort of
“refresh” the work in an area.

My current companion will be staying behind to train a new missionary.
It’s kind of odd to think that he’ll be experiencing much the same
thing I did being trained here. Each area has a journal where leaving
missionaries can write about some of their experiences in that area,
and I’m trying to think of what to put in mine. One thing that has
stood out the most to me is the incredible example the members of this
Ward have set for having happy families. No family is perfect, but it
takes a special dynamic that only the gospel can bring in order for
the home to be a place where the Spirit can dwell. You can feel it
wrap around you like a soft blanket as you walk through the door; it’s
a feeling that is noticeably absent from a home where the teachings of
Christ are not lived or taught. It was a spectacular place to spend
the first quarter of my mission. Time to pack up and move elsewhere.

“Bring me that horizon…”
— Captain Jack Sparrow