Monthly Archives: May 2016

On the move again

Last week I got a phone call that was rather surprising—there was an
emergency where someone had to go home, so I got transferred into his
area to replace him. Moving wards feels a bit similar to leaving home,
because you leave behind a bunch of people you know, and you keep
expecting to see them the next day, then you remember that you’re
somewhere else now. The scenery change was a bit of a shock, since
Suwanee was so green, and now I’m in the city. We tend to teach a lot
more lessons, but we’re still working on getting people to make solid

We had a tri-zone conference last week with Elder Dubé of the Seventy.
The rumor was that we were going to be getting Facebook, but that
didn’t happen. He talked a lot about how important it is to see your
mission through to the end (notwithstanding injury and the like), as
well as demonstrated helping people to make commitments. Overall it
was very informative and uplifting.

Don’t ever be afraid to share the gospel. What is right is not always
popular, and what is popular is not always right. If someone tells you
that you’re a fool for having faith, don’t take their word for it.
Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, and religion is still vital to
the world we live in today, despite what some loud voices say. The
restored gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to unite everyone. If
you read the scriptures and pray, you will feel and know of God’s love
for you. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


Three’s company-ish

Transfers came, and two elders were taken out, and one brought in.
This means that the two companionships in the area got merged
together, and now we are a trio crammed into a small apartment.

Because the area has not done too well the past several months, we are
trying some new ways of finding people. That has made it a bizarre few
days, to say the least. We borrowed someone’s dog to take to the park,
asked everyone we could about service opportunities, and soon we will
be setting up a free lemonade stand. To be quite honest, it’s taking
all the extroversion I can muster, and more (in other words, it’s very
taxing for a person who prefers quiet time alone, but I’ll do it for
the Lord). We’re looking forward to seeing this area turn around.
There will be a baptism!

In other news, the gospel is true. Have a good week.