Monthly Archives: June 2016

Peaceable things – like fireflies

One miracle we saw this week came from a lunch we had with a
less-active member. We kept extending commitments to him to come to
church, but all he gave in return were excuses that he knew were not
valid. He said he felt that he was already “doing his part” by
occasionally watching general conference and having us over for food
(obviously we’re rethinking joining him for meals). When he was about
to take us back to our apartment, he asked us what we had next. We
told him that we were going to deliver a Bible someone had ordered.
Then the prompting came to invite him to come with us. He was hesitant
at first, and said that he didn’t know nearly enough to be of any
help, but we could tell he kind of wanted to come. Finally
he agreed, and we ended up having a great doorstep lesson with the
Bible referral (who happened to be someone we had street-contacted the
day before). Our team-up bore strong testimony of the Book of Mormon,
and we were able to set a return appointment. Our less-active was
excited! We took him to another appointment, and then helped him with
his home teaching. Beneath his exterior, he definitely has
more of a desire to improve than he says. We hope to see further
progress with him.This week’s Gospel Pinciples lesson was on the Gift of the Holy Ghost.
One of the scriptures that was shared in the lesson stood out to me in
particular, D&C 42:61—”If thou shalt ask, thou shalt receive
revelation upon revelation, knowledge upon knowledge, that thou mayest
know the mysteries and peaceable things–that which bringeth joy, that
which bringeth life eternal.” I am very grateful that we have both the
Gift of the Holy Ghost and the ability to receive personal revelation.
There is a lot of serenity that comes with the promise of “peaceable
things” and “that which bringeth joy.”

Also, the fireflies are starting to come out at night. I haven’t seen
those in a long time!