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In Which We Speak Spanish, Bike Many Miles, and Hand Out Lemonade

Preface from Ethan’s mom: I gave titles to his previous posts.
I decided to include a title for this entry. I’ve been thinking of titles since the start of my mission, but I usually end up forgetting them. I sort of narrate everything that’s going on here in my head, like a book, or the narrator from Arrested Development, but that would take far more time than I’ve got to get down on paper (or screen).
Since we share the area with the zone leaders, who cover the Spanish branch, along with our having many opportunities to contact people from Latin America, I’ve been trying to pick up some Spanish here and there. I can say enough to tell someone who we are and give them a pass-along card, but that doesn’t do you much good when they respond to you with long sentences. I’m vaguely familiar with Spanish grammar concepts, but these people give you some strange looks sometimes when you ask if you can give them a card. Hopefully I haven’t been saying, “May us given you a target?” or something…
It has been very hot and humid lately. Summer started very early, and the thick of it in Georgia is comparable to wading through a pan of frying bacon grease, except instead of smelling like bacon, it just smells like garbage and cigarettes. I saw a meme once, with a picture of Frodo Baggins against a backdrop of molten lava. It said, “I’m not saying it’s hot in Georgia, but two hobbits just threw a ring into my backyard.” No one has fainted yet; the Lord has blessed us with strength. The trick is just staying hydrated and getting electrolytes. Luckily people often offer us bottled water as we go.
For the Fourth of July, President Bennion suggested that everyone do something creative, so we threw together a quick free lemonade stand and went to a large park. We didn’t have many takers, but there were plenty of people sitting under tarps and on picnic blankets while they waited for the fireworks. We handed out a lot of cards, but didn’t get any appointments. At least we put forth the effort, though.
I was reading in Alma 37 this morning, which tells about how it was because of the scriptures that Ammon and his brethren were able to convince so many Lamanites to leave their false traditions. There really is “a power in the book,” as President Benson said. If you listen to what the Holy Ghost tells is true, any untruth that is in your mind will get uncomfortable. It will start squirming in its seat. And, if you let go of it, it will leave. Take a read, on any page of the Book of Mormon, and see for yourself! I promise you that it will confound false doctrine, and lead you to the path that will bring you lasting happiness and joy, both in this life and the next. It’s the only kind of joy that isn’t temporary.