Monthly Archives: August 2016

Adventure at Every Corner

This area is very interesting. You find the strangest things in yards, like full-size tin men and American flags with peace signs instead of stars. For every two mobile homes, there is a large, vacation-type house. For whatever reason, there is an abundance of antique stores. And there’s a random zoo, even though this is the middle of nowhere. There’s a very sketchy-looking barbecue place shoved up behind some trees on the highway that appears to be run from an old wooden shed (I have not eaten there, nor do I plan to). It’s almost like a different world compared to my past areas. There aren’t too many pedestrians, but at least the people are nice, for the most part.
Every week, the missionaries get emailed “highlights” from around the mission, about the miracles that happened for different companionships. This week I learned that someone I had taught in my last area was recently baptized. She had used to live by missionaries in another state, and did a little research about the church, but it hadn’t led to anything. After she moved back to Georgia, the YSA elders tracted into her and left her with a pass-along card for She was exploring churches, and looked up the nearest meetinghouse (ours) and came to all three hours of church. We taught her the first lesson in a member’s home, and also gave her a church tour. She accepted a baptismal date, but when she told us her address, we realized she belonged to another ward. We passed her record along to the sister missionaries over there, and the “highlights” email about her baptism came from them. Included was a quote from our investigator, saying that she had now found greater happiness than she had ever known, and was so grateful to be a new member of the church. The missionaries expressed their happiness that she had put in the work, and kept her commitments, and that because of that, a real and powerful spiritual witness came to this investigator.
The Lord definitely prepares people! Don’t ever think that someone has “missed their chance,” or “has too much repenting to do.” This gospel is for everyone, and when the time is right, all people can receive a spiritual witness that the things it contains are true. So never be afraid, if you find the opportunity, to share the truths you have learned from the Spirit about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.