Monthly Archives: September 2016

Of Bullions and Baptisms

We had two baptisms this week! It was a mother and daughter, and it was a long time coming. They had been meeting with missionaries for something like six months. Their story has been one of trials upon trials, but they finally made it, and were welcomed by the ward like family. If there is anything that makes me grateful to be a missionary, it’s times like these.
We’ve got some festivals coming up, which will be a great time to contact people. Supposedly Dahlonega was the first place in the United States where gold was discovered, and so was the site of the first gold rush. The locals are quite proud of it. There’s a festival called Gold Rush where the roads get so congested with people that they block off downtown.
Aside from getting a new companion, I suppose not much else has changed. It’s very green up here; I’m looking forward to seeing the fall leaves.
Everybody have a great week, and remember: “O be wise; what can I say more?” (Jacob 6:12)