Monthly Archives: October 2016

Fall Festival Fun

We had two festivals in the ward, the past couple of weekends. First
was Gold Rush, and then was the Moonshine Festival. Gold Rush was
pretty standard; there was a parade, a bit of live music, and a bunch
of stalls selling overpriced wares from . People really care about
their Confederate flags in these parts. There was some nice-smelling
barbecue there, as well. The most amusing part was probably the
raucous evangelical preachers who were standing on the corner, yelling
about being “saved.” Some members who ran a stall gave us some nice
fresh lemonade. Moonshine Festival was kind of the same thing, only
with a huge car show by the Dawsonville Racing Hall of Fame. There was
some cool stuff there; a few Dukes of Hazzard cars, some old mustangs,
shiny corvettes, and a white Johnson Phantom, among other things. It’s
actually kind of tough to contact at festivals, despite all the people
milling about. Most people were rushing around and wouldn’t stop to
talk, but we met a bunch of less-active members, and gave out a lot of
cards. We also talked to some Catholic missionaries (basically youth
counselors at their church), who were pretty nice.

Overall, it’s been pretty crazy here. I barely remember what it’s like
to do missionary work in the city, and it’s only been about three
months. Time is flying by. I hope everyone is doing their best to stay
happy and spiritually sound!