In Which the Elders Witness a Wedding, Go to the Hospital, and Teach About the Temple

This was a very interesting week. It started off fairly normal, but then went bonkers. We taught some awesome young investigators this week; they’re the niece and nephew of a fairly recent convert in the ward. They didn’t quite make it to church, but their uncle did, which was awesome because he hasn’t been in a long time. Lesson learned: The ward has an important responsibility to make sure that those without transportation to church can get it. It can be difficult with such large ward boundaries, but luckily his usual ride is back in town.
One of my companions was ET-ed (emergency-transferred) to another area this week because an elder had to go home for medical reasons. He should be back in the field relatively soon, but now we’re back down to two elders covering the whole Commerce Ward.
We also got a call a few days ago from a member that witnesses were needed for a wedding being held at the church. It was very small and low-key, just two adults and a couple of kids besides the bride and groom. It was a surprisingly spiritual experience, which I was grateful for, because only one of them is a member.
Later that day, we went to a less-active member’s house and learned from her husband that she was in the hospital. Luckily, she was okay. We were able to give her a blessing, which made her very happy.
Lastly, we went to the home of some recent converts and started talking to the husband (the only one home) about the temple. The Spirit was very strong, and this brother, who is normally laid-back and wisecracking, became more thoughtful than I’ve ever seen him. Then he told us, “I’ve already got a name picked out I want to get baptized for.” So now he has the temple as a goal!

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