In Which Elder Jacobson Tries to Get his Footing in a New Area

It’s odd to be in my second-to-last transfer… I just got moved to Flowery Branch Ward, which will probably my final destination on the mission. It’s like Suwanee in a lot of ways, but it doesn’t have all the park space. And it’s a little bigger. I’m also companions with Elder Leavitt, who was in Suwanee for some of the same time I was. He finishes his mission at the end of this transfer. In crackpot missionary lingo, that’s called “dying.” So perhaps that makes me an executioner? Anyway…

Flowery Branch has been interesting so far. There are some amazing recent converts here who love the gospel, one of whom even teaches Gospel Principles, and does very well at it. They are a fine example of doing what they know is right in spite of opposition and the many lies that are circulated about Mormons around here. We are also teaching a guy from the Philippines who has been a member of the Church for a long time, but grew up largely outside of the gospel. It has been a great experience, because he feels a sense of responsibility to his family, and wants to be sealed to them for eternity.

We are also now in the spring/summer months, which means the “Hotlanta” epithet has returned. Quite frankly, if you can handle a Georgia summer, you could probably handle sitting in an oven, wrapped in a sopping wet blanket. Haha

Well, it’s only been a few days, so I guess that’s it for now. Tune in next time.


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